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Pleasantview Folk

Thursday, 5 February 2015

A little bit of Makin' Magic

Okay, as soon as I saw the latest Conversion theme over at GOS, I HAD to do something for it - I've been on a retro gaming kick at the moment, and Makin' Magic was one of my favourite Sims 1 games as it had gorgeous Victorian stuff. It always reminded me of Anne of Green Gables...

Remember the pastel  Edwardian dresses? They were in slightly different colours for each skin tone, but you could only wear one - Sims 2 and an infinite capability for recolours means an end to such shameful  wardrobe segregation. Recolours for all!

First off, the original Makin' Magic pastel colours - cream, pink and blue, as worn by umpteen Sims wandering around Magic Town.

I've also added a little extra - a leafy green, a nice lilac purple, and a white, for those Edwardian brides who want to get married properly...

And finally, the last two recolours in black and grey, for any Sims wishing to go into mourning. I think I had Cornelia Goth pretty heavily in mind when I did the darker recolours... Cool

This comes in FA and FT, as Skell did a fantastic age conversion for teens, and can be found in everyday - although they're also placed in formal for teens. All meshes are included as per their creator's generous terms of use.

Devil's in the Details - Credits

Mesh credits - YanderePlumSim for the original FA mesh
                         Skell for the teen conversion mesh.
Texture credits - Yandere and Skell. I just mucked about with stripe and lace textures a bit...

Go grab them over at GOS here...

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  1. Beautiful! And I love all the color options. Thank you.