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Pleasantview Folk

Friday, 19 September 2014

Feminine Fancies: A set of regency sprigged muslins for teens and adults

Ladies and gentlewomen - Are you appalled at the heathenish trousered garb those peculiar time travellers in your Regency 'hood wear?  Looking for something a little more suitable for the casual miss about her daily errands? If you too are like the poor perplexed gentlewoman on the left,
then we at Mistress Amelie Montmartre's Shades of Pleasantview can end your anxiety...

 Console your reflection with a soft sprigged muslin gown - a veritable Feminine Fancy!

   The "Feminine Fancies" collection direct from Paris should answer all your early 19th century needs. In a delicious range of pastel-coloured sprigged muslin, complete with complimentary sashes and ribbon trimming, your Regency ladies need never be without a pleasant morning gown to frolic about in! Suitable for a variety of situations - daring proposals, exciting elopements, solitary walks and girlish antics will now look suitably charming with some sprigged muslin gowns in your neighbourhood. Enchant a haughty gentleman of property - or perchance a brooding stable-boy? - today in the "Feminine Fancy"!

Note: the "Feminine Fancies" collection accepts no responsibility for any lack of haughty gentlemen of property, rash marriages with unprincipled rakes, or vampiric ghouls you may encounter whilst wearing the "Feminine Fancies' gowns. To be used entirely at your own risk.

The Devil's in the Details:

Many thanks to the amazing IamLiz13 over at ModTheSims, whose wonderful meshes for regency gowns are made of awesome. I wouldn't be able to do a thing without talented people who can mesh making  this sort of stuff! Thanks are also to the great All About Style, whose great Sims 2 downloads were probably the first thing I ever grabbed for my game! You can find more of her amazing stuff here : As per their generous TOU policies, I've included the meshes with the recolours. 
All textures are frankensteined between my own stuff and some Maxis textures.

I filed both sets separately, in case you'd prefer to have this set for teens without adults in pale florals, or the other way around.
You can find the adult gown set here, and the teen gown collection can be found here



  1. These gowns look lovely! I can't wait to get my game back so I can try them out :)

  2. Very cool, just what my ladies need for the long winters, thanks.