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Pleasantview Folk

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Winter Warmth - Some velvet morning gowns for FA

As the autumn weather draws in, I thought I'd contribute something a little warmer for those chilly nights by the roaring fireside - after all, you can't run around in light frocks all the time, unless you want a wasting consumption!
So, for the benefit (and health) of your Regency Sim ladies who can afford soft velvet, I present - 
the Winter Warmth collection! This is a more demure, high-necked dress. With a complimentary sleeveless spencer over the top and matching velvet trim on the cuffs and hem, this is a simply, yet softly elegant gown suitable for frosty mornings. This is suitable for both Everyday and Outerwear, if your Regency lady would like to use it as a pelisse rather than a morning gown!
It was originally made for a rather ferocious spinster lady's wardrobe in-game, but the velvety texture came out so well I thought this would be nice in a variety of recolours. You can see all the recolours below.

In addition to the colours, I added grey and black, for any Sims in deep mourning. There isn't nearly enough mourning wear out there for funerals!

 The Devil's In The Details:

The gorgeous mesh for this gown was made by the awesome Cynnix over at PBK, and is included in the file. Textures are from a bit of Maxis tweaking on Photoshop Elements.

You can find these here


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